Digital transformation in transportation

Transport systems have experienced enormous technological advancements in the last decades, with intelligent transport systems and smart mobility becoming a key lever and stablished ground for innovation intertwining regulators, operators, service providers, and users in a seamless co-creation framework. Information and communication technologies (ICT) supported by an increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) are notorious enablers of transport innovation. With communication becoming the backbone of transport systems, strategies to foster cooperation among all actors start playing a paramount role. Data collected from multiple sources and shared among all intervening players allow for more tailored and personalised solutions and services. Digital twins enable testing and validation of advanced solutions and pave the way for the quick deployment of new concepts such as cooperative and connected autonomous mobility (CCAM) and cooperative intelligent transportation systems (C-ITS). Additionally, the increasing ICT awareness and empowerment of users together with the wide penetration and adoption of social media and social networks, turn crowdsensing and crowdsourcing an important asset to transport planners, engineers, operators, and decision-makers.  

This thematic track aims to promote current developments and advancements of innovative applications of AI technologies and digitalisation in transportation systems. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): 

  • Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) 
  • transportation data sharing
  • open transport data sources
  • big data analytics
  • transport infrastructure digitalization
  • crowsensing and crowdsourcing
  • electronic pricing and payment
  • cyber security
  • digital platforms