Equitable, just and inclusive transportation

 Accessible and safe transportation are the core objectives of transportation planning and design. People’s needs vary depending on the localities, age groups, demographic characteristics and other users specificities which affect the mobility provisions and level of service. Fair and just distribution of transportation infrastructure and service capacity is addressed in this thematic track by a number of aspects:


  • Design, plan and evaluate mobility innovations in satisfying the needs of vulnerable groups
  • Design urban environment as well as transport system suitable for elderly and citizens with physical or mental impairment
  • Ensure equity in benefiting from policies and plans in urban and transportation planning across demographic and economic classes (vertical equity)
  • Reform planning, investment and pricing to guarantee horizontal equity
  • Guarantee safe walking and biking paths for children and safe and convenient access/ egress using public transport for elderly 
  • Engage community leaders and residents from the start (of a design or plan) to ensure more equitable, better policy outcomes
  • Create a framework and vision that sets the ground rules for new transport technologies to serve all communities

Thematic Track Coordinator