Special sessions & workshops

The Organizing Committee of the “7th Conference on Sustainable Mobility – CSuM2024”, which will take place at Plastira’s lake, Region of Thessaly in Greece, on 4 – 6 September 2024, is pleased to announce that a call for special sessions and workshops is now open. Special sessions aim at presenting outcomes and findings resulting from research activities conducted on a specific topic within the context of the Conference theme and thematic areas. Workshops may be offered in the form of focus groups, demonstrations, or training on state-of-the-art topics.

To organize a special session or workshop, please fill out the Contact Form mentioning “Special sessions” or “Workshops”, respectively, in the subject field and provide a short description of the event, satisfying the following criteria: 

  • Relevance to CSuM2024 theme and thematic tracks.
  • Expected outcomes and conclusions from the proposed session.
  • Confirmed speakers and moderators.

The duration of each session/workshop is estimated approximately 2 hours. All special sessions/workshops should be open to the Conference participants. Each session will be organized in a standard conference room facilitating up to 100 people. The program of special sessions and workshops will appear in the Conference Program and will be promoted via the official website.

The call will remain open till the end of June 2024, however a first-come-first-serve policy will be followed if multiple proposals are received. For more information, please contact the Conference Organizers.


Contents of this section will be updated with forthcoming special sessions and workshops

Sustainable and Resilient Regional Ecosystems

The use of natural resources and the subsequent build-up of waste and pollution cause a variety of environmental problems in regional ecosystems, many of which exacerbate social and economic inequality. This session is intended to highlight the importance of peaceful cohabitation between human activity and the environment, with a focus on exploring novel ways and solutions for preserving and nourishing the delicate balance of regional ecosystems. Regional ecosystems’ long-term health and vitality will be ensured by the sharing of ideas, discussions of obstacles, and initiatives proposed by experts and researchers. This session will:

  • Strategies for preserving and enhancing regional biodiversity.
  • Examine the impact of climate change on regional ecosystems and developing adaptive measures.
  • Balance human development with ecosystem preservation via Sustainable Land Use Planning.
  • Provide case studies and techniques for restoring degraded regional ecosystems via Ecosystem Restoration Methodologies.
  • Incorporate traditional knowledge for sustainable ecosystem management.
  • Illustrate modern methodologies to create MCDM Decision Support Systems to optimize ecosystemic resilience.

Analyze the role of policies and governance in promoting regional ecosystem sustainability.

Session Moderators:

  • Prof. Konstantinos Kokkinos Digital Systems Dept., University of Thessaly, Greece.
  • Dr.-Ing. Nicholas Samaras, Digital Systems Dept., University of Thessaly, Greece.